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Reports are trickling in from Genosha. Our people walked straight into a trap and many of them have been captured. How many and who, I don't know yet. But I do know several of the students who were captured were rescued.

Those who are able, please check in as soon as possible. Regroup at the designated points. And above all, be safe.



May. 26th, 2012 11:25 pm
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We are in place.

The intelligence we've been able to gather is thin, but we feel it is accurate. A look over all the evidences points to just one thing; our people are being kept in the Genoshan capital of Hammer Bay, in a complex called 'The Citadel'. The complex is a combination of their main federal governmental agencies, the Genoshan Defense Force commanders and main base, and the executive offices of their leadership, including that of President David Moreau. From the people we've spoken with, the Citadel has a holding facility that is large enough to hold our people, and it is the only facility modern enough to hold the kind of suppression technology to keep that many mutants depowered.

We've been looking at the information, and we think we've identified some weak points. Small teams can get to their main power plant and tie in with the city grid, the security office, and the prison second. We can kill the power and scramble their defenses comms and chain of command long enough for the X-Men to punch a couple of teams through into the prison and get back out again. A large enough division should tie up their response teams long enough for us to get out of the Citadel and disappear. We can take some of the people into the city and hole up while the first batch is evacuated via the Blackbird. Then you can fly passovers and we can use the teleporters to clear the remaining people.

It's your call, but this is the best option that we've come up with using the information we have.

It hasn't been a complete success. We lost Vanessa Carlyle getting into Genosha. Marie-Ange doesn't believe she was killed, but she may be in custody or in hiding. Once we clear the others (and hopefully she's amoung them), we'll figure out how to confirm her status.


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