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Dec. 16th, 2012 02:23 pm
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Ms. Elisabeth Braddock arrived at the mansion today and will be staying with us for a while. For those of you not familiar with her, she currently works with The Snow Valley Memorial Center for Mutant Affairs and is a former Xavier's staff member.

Some of you may recognize her as having been involved in the Genosha incident earlier this year due to programming similar to that used in the mutate process. However, the professor and I have both confirmed that there are no lasting effects. If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to myself or Professor Xavier.


Dec. 24th, 2005 10:03 am
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As I'm typing this I'm actually on my way to England with the hope I'll be spending the holiday with my family. I do apologize for the rather short notice. My mind's been slightly preoccupied these last few months and I've let things slip. However, as I've never been comfortable with goodbyes, it's only just as well.

I don't plan to be gone too long after the New Year but I can't guarantee when I'll be able to return. There are some matters that need tending to and with the delicateness needed in handling them, it's hard to estimate my actual return date. For now, I'll keep you all apprised if plans do indeed change, but until then......

I wish the lot of you a very Happy Christmas and a splendid New Year.


Sep. 11th, 2005 06:00 pm
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I just found Betsy and Remy and Dr. B down here in the hallway. I can't wake any of them up, and Betsy really doesn't look well, and I can't carry them down to medlab, so um, if somebody could come get them? We're in the hallway at the top of the stairs heading down to medlab, so you won't even have to come far.
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As some of you likely noticed if you were near the main hall earlier, Betsy has decided to take a leave of absence from the school to deal with some personal matters. Should any of you wish to get into contact with her, please let me know privately - I will make arrangements as necessary.
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As you all know, there have been some untoward events involving Ms. Braddock over the last several days. We now have a full understanding of the situation and I am happy to say that it looks like Betsy will be making a full recovery.

Possibly due to unforseen complications surrounding her surgery last year, Betsy has suffered from the invasion of her mind by an entity calling itself Kwannon. The actions of Ms. Braddock from the New Year on (and possibly before) are most certainly not to be attributed to Betsy but rather to this other entity, which has since been rendered harmless.

Please understand that Betsy is fully aware of the actions taken by Kwannon and her already fragile condition is made worse by the knowledge of what others have suffered while she was unable to prevent any of it. She is genuinely blameless in all of this and I trust that you will all keep this in mind. She does not presently have access to the journals, any discussion of these events will not be visible to her. I have no wish to censor you as you work through any of the effects that this may have had on your lives.

If you would like to report any incident that befell you during the time that Kwannon was in control of Betsy's mind, please speak to one of the medical staff or Doctor Samson, as they are collecting the necessary pieces of evidence of Kwannon's actions. I will be available to you to some degree but must concentrate on Betsy at the moment.

You will all be notified of when Betsy is able to have visitors. I hope that you will all be willing to help her reintegrate into life here at school after what has been a significant trauma.
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This notice is for all members of the community.

Ms. Braddock is no longer on campus. She fled the medlab yesterday evening, rather than undergo treatment for some self-inflicted damage that occurred earlier.

She's not in her right mind, and everyone should keep their distance from her, if she is seen. Please report any sighting to the nearest faculty member; if you are a faculty member, please contact me or the Professor.

Thank you.
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Until further notice, only emergency trips should be made to Medlab. I need the area to remain as clear as possible for some tests I am running to help determine the cause of Ms. Braddock's recent atypical behaviour. My apologies for the terseness of this notice, but I must return to work forthwith. I shall elaborate when circumstances return to a more leisurely pace.

In case it has not already become apparent through implication, Ms. Braddock is to be found in my care for the duration, so there shall be no need to raise an alarm if she is not to be found. Given past events, I must insist on no visitors for her until further notice, as well.
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To the delight of all of my students, I must cancel classes for Wednesday. I'll be leaving this evening and I will be unable to return in time for lessons tomorrow.

Take this time to review your notes, as you'll be tested on the material on my return, Thursday.

Elisabeth Braddock
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It's four in the morning. And I just spent the weekend, helping our soon-to-be newest addition, make himself presentable for the rest of you.

It's the pet project I never had as a child.

For the rest of you, we should be arriving shortly. And from what I can tell on the journals, I'd like you all to play nice with Remy. He hasn't had the best year and I've given him my word that he would be treated well.

Don't make me a liar.
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Rumors may have started circulating already, and this post is to clarify, as best I am able, what has happened to Ms. Braddock.

According to Dr. Essex, last week he performed neurosurgery on Ms. Braddock, in an attempt, I believe, to cure her blindness.

The operation revealed more damage than originally diagnosed. And as a result of the surgery, Ms. Braddock is in a coma, and Dr. Essex is uncertain when, or if, she will recover. Her lawyers and next of kin have been notified.

Dr. Essex is taking a journey that he hopes will be able to shed some light on a way to help Ms. Braddock make a full recovery.

And before the question is asked, no, none of the teachers save Dr. Essex and Ms. Braddock knew of the surgery before Dr. Essex announced his result to the staff on Saturday.

Visiting her is not possible at this time, with Dr. Essex away from the school. When he returns, anyone interested may ask him for permission.
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I have homework assignments for the remainder of the week for all of Professor Summers courses. Please find the time to come to my office today and pick up your assignments. The deadline for your work will be at the beginning of next week. So, I suggest you not use your free time lightly this week.

Also, Kitty, I would like to find some time to talk to you. If you have the time today, I'll be in my office till about five this evening and in my room afterwards.
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For my students:

Creative Writing classes and Mutant Acceptance will be cancelled tomorrow and Wednesday. I ask that you please continue with your syllabus for your required reading, as you will be quizzed on it on your next scheduled period.

Unfortunately, I will also be unable to attend training sessions of any sort for the remainder of the week. I have found myself spread thin in my responsibilities and desperately need to catch up before I fall terribly behind.

If anyone feel the need to contact me, leave a message in my box. I should receive it without fail.

Thank you all for your patience.

Elisabeth Braddock
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Dear students;

We seem to have stirred up some unpleasant vibrations in the school this afternoon, and we would like to apologise. Our confrontation was in no way, a "cat fight" as some of you may have thought. Rather, as teachers we sometimes voice a difference of opinion and like to discuss our viewpoints, and sometimes we may do so a little too forcefully.

However, we remain very close friends. Close enough that a few well-placed jabs won't do us any damage, though we appreciate it may have a knock-on effect for some of you, which we regret. Even though Emma may appear menacing, she's nothing of the sort, most of the time. And though Betsy may seem a little soft sometimes, she's more than capable of handling herself.

So, we apologize for any confusion this has caused, and ask that you not let it worry you too much. We have spoken privately about Sam's poem and agree that it shows tremendous talent, and we will both look over his piece again and offer our constructive criticisms.

With love,

Elisabeth Braddock and Emma Frost.
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This excercise is open to all students.

I have realize with the influx of new students that some may be interested in taking the writing course I'll be teaching. So, for all who would like the oppportunity to express themselves, complete the form below and drop off their entries at my office.

I must state that once you have finished the entry. Go through the editing process and make a final finished copy. But, I must stress that I would like both the original and all forms of edits, attached and in my box as soon as possible. If this proves too difficult, I'll be in my office this week from 1-3p.m.

The Format )

This piece contains adult themes. Young children---Please Stay Away.

Inside A Blue Devil Hall )

I cannot wait to see everyone's work. And I believe with everyone's help, this class should be an experience for all.

We're Here

May. 14th, 2003 12:59 pm
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I'm going to take the time and make this post for all those concerned for the children at Location #1.

Emma, Hank, and I woke up fairly late this morning and spent quite some time trying to contact the Academy. When the normal means proved fruitless, both Emma and I tapped into other sources.

Our laptops.

The sheer mass of emails stored from last night to this morning sent Emma careening through the halls, out of the hotel, and racing to the children. I've never felt such ferioucness from her, it was overwhelming to say the least. Hank had to help me keep up as we headed for the limo.

When we arrived, Emma blasted through the lobby doors. We found an extremely haggard Warren sitting in the lounge and Allison talking to the concierge with a food order. They both hadn't slept. But, sleep-deprived is better than injured. Allison filled us in on most of the details. And God, there are children still missing.

I've tried to reach the Professor and the others, but they're too far away. I just can't believe all this happened and Emma and I hadn't sense anything.

So, we are here and Ms Frost has taken charge. She's constantly rechecking on all the children here. I hear her, running rampant through the floor, barking orders. I think the staff are alittle terrified of her, and they should be.

She's demanded medical care for [livejournal.com profile] x_siryn and she's pulled [livejournal.com profile] x_kitten away from the computer. Kitty won't be able to do much to the damaged comms, than she's already done. And I believe Hank has offered to return to the school. He simply can't find the cause for the disruption without checking the main system and no one knows if Kitty's jury rig will hold out. Already some of the older students have offered to accompany him, but Emma doesn't seem to keen on this idea.

For now, it appears we'll have to wait.


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