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The rally went off superbly. No troubles with the FoH present (although they made enough noise that we had to move the booth twice), and we got a lot of people asking questions and going away more informed. I call that a rousing success.

Thanks again to everyone who helped out. It's a first step, but a significant one.
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Well, someone must have been very good this year, because the wheels of bureaucracy have turned smoothly and perfectly. I just got off the phone with the appropriate authorities, and on behalf of HeliX, I will be receiving a notarized copy of a civil permit to hold a demonstration in Salem Center Park this Saturday.

Those who were paying attention may be aware that our local chapter of the Friends of Humanity happens to have the exact same agenda. Coincidence? Of course.

I've been advised that we have to set up at least 300 yards from wherever they've got their booths or platforms or whatever, and we're still obligated to follow all local laws and ordinances. This isn't to start a confrontation or any kind of fight - not even a civil debate. We're there to be a presence, to remind them that despite their best efforts, we're not going anywhere.

I'll be getting flyers and brochures from the printer this Friday, some basic stuff to have as handouts if people want them. Professor Xavier even wrote a really neat primer on mutation and stuff (yeah, I know it's just page 2 of the student handbook in a different font, but still) - we can use this as a chance to educate people, not just shout impotently at folks who won't listen.

If you want to go - don't do it because you want to stand up to the bigots. Don't do it because you think you've got something to prove. Do it because we've got a chance to help people understand us. A chance to stop people associating 'mutant' with 'fear'. Be willing to talk to people, let them know you're a real person behind the power they may be afraid of.

Anyone who really wants to make a difference is welcome.

EDIT: Terry, Angelo, Jamie, Clarice, Jennie, Dani, Paige, Kitty, Doug, and Catseye - I'll drop you guys an email later this week, we'll want to do this in shifts. As much as the whole "Strength in numbers" thing is a good axiom, last thing we need is to be accused of assembling a mob.
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The following is solid proof that two people with a lot of money should never be allowed alone together, because plotting happens.

On Saturday, September the 25th, there will be a HeliX event held at Piper House near Lake George, Greenhaven, NY. It's a formal benefit, so if anyone wanted an excuse to go spend money on a nice suit or dress, now's your chance. Parents are more than welcome to come, though they'll need to make their own accomodations - I can lend a hand, if they need it. The event starts at seven PM.

We're looking for volunteers to come out a day early to help set the house up for the party - just drop Paul or myself a note if you're interested in volunteering.

Paul? Did I forget anything?


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