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I thought it would be a good idea to make an announcement about this... I had an interesting conversation with Mr. Summers this evening...

As a part of my training I will be working to become familiar with the ventilation system and other places of the mansion people usually can't come, but where I can in my sand form. This is partly looking at blueprints, but also exploring these places till I know them as the back of my hand...

I will be posting on my personal journal when I will be 'haunting' certain parts of the mansion. I will be doing my best not to intrude on peoples privacy and I won't be entering any rooms or something.



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... considering that I'm the reason she's here, and given that she won't be able to introduce herself for a while yet. We have a new student at the school, as of today; we brought her back from Afghanistan last night under somewhat unusual circumstances. When I stop slamming my head into the desk at my own stupidity I may just share the story.

Her name is Sooraya Qadir. She speaks Dari and Pashtun, and not a word of English, hence her not being able to introduce herself just yet. (She and I are going to be spending a lot of time working on her English, however, so hopefully that will change soon.) Obviously, she's coming from a very different culture than ours, and it's liable to take her some considerable amount of time and effort to adjust.

I won't get into details, but she's not been treated all that well. So if everyone could please aim for 'kind and nonthreatening', I'd very much appreciate it - and refrain from throwing anyone in the lake.


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