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Feb. 29th, 2004 04:00 pm
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I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get around to making this post. I hope you all understand that the last eighteen hours have been a bit of a shock.

Yes, Alex is home. He was retrieved from Selene's last night thanks to Emma's quick thinking and the action of the staff and students who accompanied her to the evening's event. I'm going to let Alex tell his own story when he's able. The details that are salient to all of us are that Alex was treated badly, he is in a very fragile state, and he has developed a near-pathological fear of his own mutation. He's not conscious right now, and his condition is not stable, so he's not permitted visitors. I'm very sorry -- that means even me right now.

And, I'm going to say in advance that I will be selecting who Alex sees and does until I'm sure that my brother is well enough to cope with anyone and everyone. If you don't get to see him, that doesn't mean that I don't like you. This has nothing to do with me and everything to do with him. On the other hand, I can pretty much guarantee you that things like get-well notes and such will be appreciated and passed along. I'm quite certain that he'll appreciate tangible evidence of your affection for him and your excitement at him rejoining us.

Again, to all those who were there last night, thank you for your unhesitating cooperation and willingness to step in harm's way for my brother. I'm incredibly proud to know you all, and deeply grateful.


Dec. 24th, 2003 03:47 am
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Hey all!

Hank's busy keeping an eye on her, but just to let you know - Lorna's been in and out lately, but steadily so. No longer then fifteen or twenty minutes at a time, and she still tires out easily... but she's aware and coherent when she's awake. When he has more time, Hank'll explain it all in big long words for you lot.

I got my christmas present early this year, I did.
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I'm afraid I will likely not be joining you all at the dance, as duty must ever take precedence over fun--but have a good time! And if anyone should have such a thing as a video camera about their person during the event, I would very much appreciate a recording.

On to my good news, which will perhaps give you all something to celebrate.

Firstly, Manuel de la Rocha, our slumbering Spaniard, is at last awake, if by no means fully recovered; my thanks to Marie-Ange, Rahne, and Douglas for their yeoman service.

Secondly, and likely of more import to many of you: Lorna awoke for a few minutes this evening. She was delirious, and slipped quickly back into unconsciousness, but it was a most felicitous first step, and her chances of a full recovery are now immeasurably higher.
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Those of you who wish to visit Lorna in the medlab may do so, although the visits will be limited to looking at her through a window; her condition requires that I keep her environment as sterile as possible, to reduce the risk of infection. I will warn you that she is bandaged quite heavily and does not at all look her usual radiant self. Individuals or small groups, and short visits, are much to be preferred, as she is still in a very delicate state.

The people hovering near Lorna's room, that you will most likely not recognize, are Paul and Janice Dane, Lorna's parents. I'm sure they would appreciate your good wishes.
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Ms. Frost alerted everyone because of an incident involving Alex and Lorna.

They both are in the medlab. Dr. McCoy will alert you to their condition, and their ability to have visitors, as soon as he is able.

As to what appears that Alex's power flared up again, and he was unable to shut it off unassisted. Lorna unfortunately took a good hit, and has some serious burns.

But again, please, do not panic.


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