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As you all know, there have been some untoward events involving Ms. Braddock over the last several days. We now have a full understanding of the situation and I am happy to say that it looks like Betsy will be making a full recovery.

Possibly due to unforseen complications surrounding her surgery last year, Betsy has suffered from the invasion of her mind by an entity calling itself Kwannon. The actions of Ms. Braddock from the New Year on (and possibly before) are most certainly not to be attributed to Betsy but rather to this other entity, which has since been rendered harmless.

Please understand that Betsy is fully aware of the actions taken by Kwannon and her already fragile condition is made worse by the knowledge of what others have suffered while she was unable to prevent any of it. She is genuinely blameless in all of this and I trust that you will all keep this in mind. She does not presently have access to the journals, any discussion of these events will not be visible to her. I have no wish to censor you as you work through any of the effects that this may have had on your lives.

If you would like to report any incident that befell you during the time that Kwannon was in control of Betsy's mind, please speak to one of the medical staff or Doctor Samson, as they are collecting the necessary pieces of evidence of Kwannon's actions. I will be available to you to some degree but must concentrate on Betsy at the moment.

You will all be notified of when Betsy is able to have visitors. I hope that you will all be willing to help her reintegrate into life here at school after what has been a significant trauma.
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This notice is for all members of the community.

Ms. Braddock is no longer on campus. She fled the medlab yesterday evening, rather than undergo treatment for some self-inflicted damage that occurred earlier.

She's not in her right mind, and everyone should keep their distance from her, if she is seen. Please report any sighting to the nearest faculty member; if you are a faculty member, please contact me or the Professor.

Thank you.
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This is a drill and a test of the alarm systems. Let's try and improve on our timing from the last drill, children. Please remember the new buddy system! I will see you all in the dining hall when Ms. Blaire and Mr. Summers give you permission to re-enter the house. The stop-watch is ticking!
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Until further notice, only emergency trips should be made to Medlab. I need the area to remain as clear as possible for some tests I am running to help determine the cause of Ms. Braddock's recent atypical behaviour. My apologies for the terseness of this notice, but I must return to work forthwith. I shall elaborate when circumstances return to a more leisurely pace.

In case it has not already become apparent through implication, Ms. Braddock is to be found in my care for the duration, so there shall be no need to raise an alarm if she is not to be found. Given past events, I must insist on no visitors for her until further notice, as well.
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To the delight of all of my students, I must cancel classes for Wednesday. I'll be leaving this evening and I will be unable to return in time for lessons tomorrow.

Take this time to review your notes, as you'll be tested on the material on my return, Thursday.

Elisabeth Braddock


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