Mar. 10th, 2011 11:55 pm
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Boathouse remodeling is ongoing and we could use help from anyone around, willing and able. We've got maybe two weekends left before everything's done. Three at the most. There's a lot of bricklaying left, though.My lungs will be coated in mortar by the end of it. Seriously.
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Last Call/Reminder.

Anyone who wants to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art we (Yvette, Jane, possibly Manuel and myself) are going tomorrow (that'd be Sunday for those of you a bit slow today) early. Leaving here around 8 am.

Anyone interested needs to understand two stipulations:
1) Manuel is very likely coming, so if you have issues with him refrain from coming/commenting on it.
2) We leave whenever Yvette and I say so or you find your own way back to Westchester.
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Random thought:

Anyone feel like like going to the Met? Figure I might as well ask in case anyone else wants to. Not sure when I'm going but I want to go. Maybe within the next week or two?


Nov. 12th, 2006 02:38 pm
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I'm not very good at these, so try to be patient with me.

On Friday, there was an incident during the afternoon soccer game between Kevin and Jono. It seems that Kevin was outside weeding in the hedges, when Jono somehow managed to go over said hedges and into Kevin. A reaction between their two mutations occured.

Kevin suffered some minor injuries, however, Jono is currently unable to keep a solid, stable physical form.

Currently, we are working with Jono to give him some kind of stable form so that we can safely transport him to Muir for better assistance and research. Kevin has also kindly said yes to joining us in Muir so that we can fully diagnose and treat Jono.

I will also be joining Jono and Kevin. Moira and I will be working opposite days with one overlap in Muir, and my X-Men work will be by special, necessary assignment only.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
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As of four this afternoon, the basement medical complex - both the infirmary and the medlab - are locked down and off-limits to anyone who is not essential medical personnel. There was a powers-related situation with Kevin Ford and Jono Starsmore, and we're still attempting to ascertain the extent of what happened. Those of you who saw what happened, Dr. Voght will likely have some questions for you.

If the situation changes, this notice will be updated. But for the moment, if you have any medical needs, convey them through a staff member and one of the medical staff will come to you.


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