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Except maybe to his Arabic students. *eg*

Haroun's new 'ware was installed yesterday with some small hitches, but nothing the Dream Team couldn't handle. There will be the usual adaptation time, and he'll need extensive physiotherapy to learn how to use it again, but he's recovering well from the demands of the spore cure and huge surgical sessions.

He should be back in the land of the conscious sometime tonight or tomorrow, albeit a bit groggy.

Well done, everyone involved, including those supporting our resident geniuses. This is definitely a win.

Doug, have you had that check up with your powers yet?


Sep. 11th, 2005 06:00 pm
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I just found Betsy and Remy and Dr. B down here in the hallway. I can't wake any of them up, and Betsy really doesn't look well, and I can't carry them down to medlab, so um, if somebody could come get them? We're in the hallway at the top of the stairs heading down to medlab, so you won't even have to come far.


Sep. 1st, 2005 09:52 pm
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As of now, Medlab is off-limits to everyone without essential business there. We've got a contamination issue here, so no exceptions made. In case of emergency, use the medlab panic button and someone will attend to you where you are.

This is not a drill.

Also, volunteers for babysitting urgently required. It's all hands on deck down here.
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For your general information...

The young man found at the gates this morning is in a serious but stable condition. We don't know who he is, but enquiries are being made through various channels. Hopefully more successfully than mine.

Owing to the 'serious' part of his condition, I'd reiterate Hank's request that non-emergency visits to the medlab be kept to a minimum, and for help with child-minding and food. We're doing everything we can, and will let you know the state of play as things change.

New arrival

Aug. 3rd, 2005 02:52 am
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It's a girl. Safe, well, and rather telepathically loud. *grins* I'll leave Nathan to tell you her name. Mother and baby both doing fine, and father survived, barely. Scott, I beleive Moira may have something to say about last-minute absences?


Mar. 2nd, 2005 08:16 am
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You may have noticed for yourselves, but Hank's condition has gotten significantly worse, to the point where he's having trouble finding his way around. Moira and I are trying to keep him with us, but since I'm going to be tied up off-campus the next few days, I think Moira would appreciate help with keeping an eye on him.

I wouldn't say it will be easy, considering the state he's in, but I wouldn't be asking unless it was necessary.

We're working as hard as we can on finding a cure. No luck yet, but it's a matter of time.

Hank McCoy

Feb. 20th, 2005 08:20 pm
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Some of you might have notice Hank has been increasingly forgetful and irritable over the past few weeks, missing classes and whatnot. It turns out that he's actually suffering an illness rather than anything else - it's effecting his ability to concentrate and his emotional state.

As of today Hank will be on medical leave from his medlab duties, and from teaching. I'll be attempting to arrange coverage of his classes and my own, but in the meantime I ask for the patience and understanding of his students.

Medlab helpers - I'd be much obliged if I could see you all in my office this evening. I'm going to need help covering all the shifts. Moira's been contacted but as yet I'm not sure when she's coming back.

At this point we're not positive what this illness is, however it is not contagious, and I'd ask everyone to be supportive of him during what's going to be a difficult time.
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The medlab helpers - Clarice, Rahne and Amanda, with help from Forge - did an amazing job prepping the lab today for the situation Hank and I were called away to deal with, and with helping out once we did get back. You all did a great job, and we're all hugely proud of you. Your actions saved lives today.
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Apologies for the delay, but I've finally gotten word on the fire at the Coffeequake and why the response time was so slow. Apparently there's doubts over the integrity of the Salem police - as well as the fire, there's been a couple of complaints about the way certain matters have been dealt with - but nothing concrete. Enough that Internal Affairs is launching an investigation into them, 'though; we'll have to wait and see how that goes. My contacts will let me know when anything turns up.
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Kitty's fine - we've got her on oxygen and keeping her in overnight for observation, but she is fine.

The rest of you that were involved in tonight's incident, we'd like to see all of you down here at some stage tonight, if only to satisfy our medical paranoia. Even if you think you're fine, okay? Don't make me send Hank after you.
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Some of you might have noticed the smoke alarm in the kitchen going off, and something of a mess on the stove. It turns out Jubilee had a bit of an accident involving hot oil catching fire. She's burned her hands - not critically, but she'll be in pain and unable to use them for a while, and we're keeping her in medlab for a few days. Amanda and Marie-Ange fortunately were passing at the time and managed to put the fire out and get Jubilee medical attention. Good work, girls.
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Well, two announcements, although one is only very important to a few people, and the other is for everyone. :)

My little sister Carlie is coming for a visit next week, for about ten days. Basically imagine nineteen-year-old me on a perpetual sugar high and something of a mutant fangirl. *grins* I apologise in advance for anyone she bounces at too much.

The other announcement is that since we're all slowly gathering back under the same roof, and there's a number of events to celebrate (like Moira and Nathan's bundle of joy, and Alison's medical miracle), plus a New Year's Eve party that wasn't... it's high time for a party. So I'm announcing one. January 29th, which is the last Saturday of the month, it's party time. And since it's been a while since we've had the chance to dress up, it's semi-formal. *ignores the howls of protest* Help is sought with the organising and such, just chase me up in the medlab or in my suite. :)
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Moira was supposed to do this, but she's asleep right now, and staying that way for a good few hours, so I'll take up the slack.

Cain Marko has been shifted to the boathouse today, given that he's more comfortable there, and things are set up better over there to deal with his size. As far as his condition goes... he's basically showing the same symptoms of someone who has had a stroke; paralysis, but with sensation and reflexes and limited movement on his right side; difficulty speaking; needing assistance with eating, etc. This is, according to Moira and Charles, not permanent - he will, however, need a considerable amount of care and therapy before he's fit again.

This is where you come in. We're asking for volunteers to help monitor and care for Cain - at this point in time that will require people to sit with him, make sure the machines that go ping are pinging properly, and to help him with all the day-to-day stuff. Feed him, keep him entertained, that sort of thing. There's an alarm system rigged up to make a God-awful noise go off in the medlab if anything goes wrong, and a couple of teleporters on standby.

Visitors are allowed, provided you go through one of the medlab staff first - Cain needs rest and quiet, not aggravation and annoyance. I know one songbird at least who will be pleased to hear that. ;)

Edit: Volunteers to come down and be checked off by medlab staff as to your nursing knowledge, powers interference etc before you start. Which goes without saying, of course.

Edit the second: Red X training is more than adequate - I'll be running a session for all the volunteers on the equipment and care required after class tomorrow in the medlab - 6pm. All volunteers are required to attend.
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Okay, considering the music reverberating through the halls today, this is a bit late, but hey, like it was pointed out, good news needs spreading. Sorry about the delay, we've been in a bit of medical shock since it happened.

It seems that the incident with Cain the other night had an unexpected (to say the least) side effect. The best explanation we have is that there was some kind of spillover from Nathan and Amanda's 'first aid' treatment, but to all effects and purposes, Alison is cured. No more pain, no more sensitivity to sound.

The queue for hugs starts on the left. *grins*

I'll leave the report on Cain to Moira - she's the one who's been working with him more - but he had regained consciousness and will recover, although it will take some time. Nathan's also on the mend - he had a flare-up of the virus as a result of over-straining his powers.
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Apologies for not keeping you updated on Alison's condition - we were more busy dealing with it than reporting it. But, I have good news for you all.

Alison suffered a power overload, as some of you know, and for the past week she's been radiating dangerous levels of light and/or lasers. Sam, Paige and Shiro have been invaluable help in being our hands while she was too bright for us to get near, and thanks to Forge, we've been able to provide a largely-soundprood environment for her to power down in.

The last couple of days her levels are down far enough that Moira, Hank and I can go into the isolation room, and we've decided it would be best for her recovery if she had a change of scenery. To that end, Cain's old room has been fitted up as a sound-reduced environment and she'll be able to wear an adapted synthsilk suit and wander the halls a little. So, as of tomorrow, she'll be released, returning to medlab at night for observation until her condition improves further.

At this point in time, Alison's nervous system is still recovering. She'll be hupersensitive to sound and touch, and in considerable pain. Please keep this in mind and don't mob her all at once.

A very heartfelt thank you to everyone that helped out. Consider yourselves off duty for the duration. ;)


Nov. 6th, 2004 05:32 pm
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Brief, since we're insanely busy down here. Terry and Sean have both been released, although somewhat bruised and battered. Kyle is spending the night here since he may be suffering a concussion, but he should be fine. Amanda's healed Miles and we're keeping him a bit longer.

Alison... is stable. We do need help 'though. Forge, we could use your help on setting up some kind of sound baffle, and Paige, Shiro and Sam, since you're proof against energy, or are mostly, we may need you to act as our hands. Everyone else who is not one of our regular medlab helpers, please give us space to work.
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Should there be any requirement for medical assistance tonight from 6pm until about 10pm, please contact Kurt Wagner ASAP. The medlab crew - helpers as well as doctors - will be going for a much needed break.
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Apologies for the delay in notifying you all, but I've been busy in the medlab with Doug, and was expecting Charles or one of the other staff members to have taken care of this. I don't know all of the details, but I'll tell you what I do know.

This afternoon at the blood drive, there was an incident involving a man with a gun. It appears that Douglas Ramsey, acting on information he had access to, realised this was going to happen, and for reasons unknown, took it upon himself to attempt to prevent another student from being hurt. To this end he borrowed some Kevlar from Scott's uniform, which was in one of the vans, hid it under his shirt, and leapt in front of Rahne when the shots started.

The bullet hit him square in the chest, and the Kevlar did prevent him from being killed. However, the shock of the impact stopped his heart momentarily and CPR was required to start it up again. He was then taken to medlab, where he is in a stable condition. He has some bruising to the chest, both from the bullet and from me pounding on his chest to get his heart started again. Marie-Ange Colbert is also in the medlab, having been sedated at the scene. She should also be fine.

I don't know the whys and wherefores of the shooter, but he has been detained and handed over to the police.
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Mr Summers is back with us after his surprise break, and his classes should expect to proceed as usual.


Illyana Rasputin recovered consciousness sometime in the early hours of Sunday morning, and has been sleeping naturally since. I expect her to be strong enough for visitors in the next day or so. With a couple of conditions:

1) Visits not to be longer than fifteen minutes.

2) No-one who has expressed any kind of antagonism towards Illyana, or who agitates her in any way, will be permitted to visit and/or remain.

The second one may seem a bit harsh, but bear in mind Illyana is recovery from fairly major abdominal surgery. There will be a time and a place for answering questions, but that will not be until the medlab staff deem her fit. This is not negotiable.
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And just before the most wonderful Alison comes down bearing breakfast...

Illyana Rasputin suffered a number of injuries yesterday in what appears to have been some kind of attack from Limbo, the demon dimension she was kidnapped to earlier this year. The threat has been alleviated - there will be no more surprise visitors, I'm assured - and Illyana's had surgery and is now recovering. She's not awake yet, but I shall let you know when she is, and when she's strong enough for visitors.

Once she is strong enough for visitors, I'm sure we'll be getting the full explanation of just what happened yesterday. In the meantime, keep the skuttlebutt and rumour-mongering down to a dull roar, all right?

As for Remy Le Beau. Yes, there was an incident with Amanda Sefton. No, he did not physically harm her, although he did scare her enough to generate what's best described as post-traumatic shock. Charles and Moira tell me she'll be fine.

Remy suffered some exacerbation of the head injuries he already had, and some burning to his chest. We had him restrained and sedated in medlab, for his own safety, and sometime around 3AM Friday night he slipped the restraints, knocked me out and left the mansion, taking his belongings with him. We have not have any further word from him. I am fine.

Let me stress Pete's warning. Remy is dangerous. Do not approach him if you see him, and don't try and be the hero. Get the hell away from the situation and call one of the staff. I can't give you any further information as to the whys and wherefores, but you know all you need to.

Trust me, I'm not joking on this.

Now, is that enough information for you all? If not, email one of the staff and we'll see about answering your questions.


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