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(although I already told the professor.)

I've got a new pet. His name is Lockheed, and he's very cute and very sweet and really not dangerous. Just very hungry, and pretty curious. He came back from Asgard with Jamie in what turns out to have been an egg and he only just hatched last night so he's really just a baby and again, I stress this, not dangerous, no matter what 'Yana may think. Also, he's got a very prestigous lineage, what with being Fafnir's grandson.

Well, we think he's his grandson. Although, Ms. Bartlet, if you'd be willing to help us find out? Jamie didn't know how to sex a dragon.

Jamie says his father could breath fire, but I haven't seen that yet so I don't know, but I promise, Mr. Marko, that I won't let anything happen.
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The final medical results for our prodigals is that beyond some dietary deficiencies (I take it Asgardians are exactly big on the vegetables?), some odd cuts and scrapes, and Jamie's fleas, is that everyone is healthy and well.

There will be an adjustment period whilst they get used to modern food again - anyone experiencing undue discomfort can see one of us in the medlab for some medication. Try and stick to plain foods for now, until your systems readjust, and lots of water.

It's good to have you all home.
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I have . . . "good news" barely begins to describe it.

News beyond hope. Our prodigals have all returned, safe and apparently unharmed. The doctors will be examining them tonight, and after they have been cleared I am sure they will all have stories to tell.

We are of many faiths, at this school, but tonight, let us all join together and give thanks, each in our own ways, for the safe return of our friends and family.
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Will all students and non-security staff please report to the library. If your roommate/best friend/significant other is missing, do not go looking for him/her. We are already searching for them, we don't want to have to search for you too.

If you have volunteered to walk security rounds, please check in at the library before you begin.
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Therefore, I am declaring that there shall be a pick-up softball game out on the diamond in forty-five minutes. I'd try to make this a 'no powers, darnit' event since everyone else pretty much has the advantage over me, but with this crew, I rather doubt that's going to be very successful. Oh well. :)


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