Jan. 17th, 2016 01:30 am
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The telepaths, Hope, Meggan, and Topaz were just subjected to some bizarre astral activity. No need for a security alert, it looks like some kind of natural phenomena rather than an attack. We've already dealt with it. I've contacted the professor and he'll be returning from Washington early tomorrow for follow-up. If you work in the Medlab don't be surprised if you start seeing people show up with headaches.
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Despite the broken window and small fire on the lawn, we are not under attack. A new resident was simply slightly overwhelmed by modern technology.

The fire has been dealt with. I will be getting Illyana a new computer as soon as I've collected the glass and covered the window. In the meantime, Illyana has been referred to her iPhone.
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David Haller will be unavailable for the next few days for counseling/psychic guidance due to unforeseen events.

Those same unforeseen events have prevented me from being present at your finals as well. Someone will be on hand to proxy your tests.

I will also not be holding office hours for the time being but you can email me and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can.

Dr. Jean Grey-Summers

A visitor

Dec. 16th, 2012 02:23 pm
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Ms. Elisabeth Braddock arrived at the mansion today and will be staying with us for a while. For those of you not familiar with her, she currently works with The Snow Valley Memorial Center for Mutant Affairs and is a former Xavier's staff member.

Some of you may recognize her as having been involved in the Genosha incident earlier this year due to programming similar to that used in the mutate process. However, the professor and I have both confirmed that there are no lasting effects. If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to myself or Professor Xavier.
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We've had a courtesy call to let us know the FOHers from the rally appear to be returning to normal. They're being transferred from SHIELD holding to Muir Island for monitoring and further treatment.

There isn't yet any news on what caused the manifestations, but there haven't been any reports of repeat incidents, either. Dr. MacTaggart and her staff will be running more tests to see if they can get a better idea of what happened.
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I wanted to let everyone know that Layla and Jean-Phillipe are back from the ER. They're both in the Medlab for the night at least. Please ask Dr. Grey-Summers or Dr. Voght before attempting to see them. They should both be fine, however -- they're in the Medlab for exhaustion, not injury.

I've also been told that Maddie is in the Box for the night dealing with a feedback headache, and Matt is in his room doing the same. While there is no medical reason not to visit/feed them if they're up for visitors, I think they would appreciate it if it was done quietly.

I'm sorry to say we don't have any more information on what happened today than we did this morning. However, the police, FBI, and SHIELD are all looking into it.
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First, I apologize for the delay in addressing this. Lines of communication got crossed, mostly on my end.

This morning you may have noticed a brief psychic disturbance (and, if you were close enough, Dr. Grey-Summers telling you not to panic). This was caused by Maddie fully manifesting her telepathy. She's all right, but currently she's downstairs in the Box until she gets a better handle on things. I believe she's cleared for visitors, or if not yet will be tomorrow, but you may want to check with her via email first.
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I wanted to let everyone know Dr. Grey-Summers is awake. She's all right now, and there's no long-term damage, but she's understandably tired. Please give her some time to recover before rushing in to see her; Mr. Summers is still around, so if there's any question I'm sure he'll let you know if she's up for visitors.
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Well, we'd planned to have a formal barbecue for Labor Day, but I misjudged the amount of notice the catering company needed for a holiday so it's moved to the eighth (Tuesday) instead, and we can just pretend it was supposed to be a last day of summer sort of event. There will be vegetarian options as well as the regular spread, but the scheduling problem came in regards to getting one of those large ovens to roast a pig. And yes, the professor's food budget apparently extends to acquiring entire pigs. Anyway, I'm told this is good, if you like that sort of thing, and at the very least should feed the majority of us. Apparently a couple hundred pounds of pig takes a pretty long time to cook, so the setup is probably going to be late the night before; I think they said it'd probably be ready to eat about 6pm. Preliminary courses will begin appearing around noon.

This is an open event, which means friends and alumni from Snow Valley are invited to visit, socialize, and make sure we're not going to end up with too many leftovers. No RSVP necessary.

(By the way, these arrangements don't preclude anyone from doing their own barbecue tomorrow. You won't have a whole pig at your disposal, but I think you'll be able to manage.)
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I just wanted to let everyone know the professor woke up a little while ago; he's all right, but exhausted. Please give him some time before attempting a visitation. Dr. Voght is threatening to enforce it.

And to all of you who are just coming back -- welcome home.
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To update everyone on the current situation, the threat that necessitated us clearing out the mansion has been resolved. However, since those who were part of the team may be a while in returning we'd appreciate it if you'd all stay where you are just a little while longer. We're all right here, just short-handed.

Thank you, guys, for your patience. You've all handled yourselves incredibly well.

More news

Jun. 3rd, 2007 06:44 pm
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Angel, Laurie, Sooraya, Crystal, Ms. Moonstar and Mr. Espinosa are home. I know you're all worried, but they've had a rough time, so please check to see if they're okay with visitors before going to see them.

There's still no word on the group that went to Las Vegas, but we're still looking. Probably no one needs reminding, but please don't leave the mansion grounds until further notice. If anyone needs me tonight, email me -- I'll be in and out of my office, but I'll be checking pretty regularly.
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I know there's a lot going on right now, but for anyone who feels the need for a little distraction tonight, or just something to do, the Danger Room's going to be opened up for viewing. Since it's pushing the safety line a little to run full scenarios any demonstrations will be in the form of laser tag (participation optional). Also you'll be fed afterwards, though I think that's going to happen regardless of attendance. If you'd like to participate let us know.
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Okay, now that I and everybody else are back awake again . . .

Professor Xavier and I have determined that the series of comas Saturday were due to a powers-interaction between me and a mutant we met during the course of Friday's field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The extent of his evil plans was creating dream scenarios he could use to lift credit card information. Some of the staff brought him back to the school yesterday, and right now he's having a very long talk with the professor about what the incredibly bad career choice shuffling through other people's heads is. That identity theft thing is also kind of an issue. Since he was brought in equally unconscious I think it might be having an impact. Miss Sefton and Dr. Barroso are also here for the rest of the day, so we've got a couple of visitors.

I apologize for my part in the spontaneous comas. The professor and I figured out what the trigger was. My telepathy is pretty insular, so I didn't even realize a reaction like this could be an issue. Really never making that assumption again.
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Since I've heard some questions about this I just thought I'd let everyone know that yes, tomorrow's field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art is still on. Transportation is going to be pretty shameless abuse of the normal weekend bus system but please confirm with me or Ms. Dane so we have a number on passes and arranged feedings, stuff like that. (Mr. Forge will also be chaperoning, but these aren't his area of arrangements.)


Nov. 20th, 2006 05:02 pm
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Yvette Petrovic and I made it back okay, and we're both happy to be home. But just as a reminder our flight was about twelve hours long so please be gentle.

(Also, Marie, if you've got a minute I think Yvette's got something to give you from her mother.)
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I'm in Pristina with Yvette Petrovic and no one's been kidnapped or drugged or anything so far, so we're doing pretty good. Yvette and her mother are both doing well, although her mother's determination to feed me anything and everything she can physically provide before I leave the country is honestly scaring me a little. The fact I probably just jinxed myself into a cult-abduction notwithstanding, Yvette and I will be leaving tomorrow -- we should be back at the school around 5pm.


Nov. 18th, 2006 01:16 am
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. . . for my very late flight to pick up Yvette Petrovic. We'll be in around 4pm Monday afternoon, but otherwise I should have some email access if anyone really needs me. Take care, and if you can help it try not to blow up anything too expensive.
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First of all, I should announce I've returned from my hiatus and resumed my position as official staff-counselor. (I figured maybe it was time to formalize that after I started making official announcements again. Sorry for any confusion that may have caused. We'll call last week a transitional period.)

Second of all, concerning Yvette Petrovic: as of this morning she has been released from the Medlab, and for the time being will be sharing a room with Laurie Collins. Thanks to the efforts of Forge and Clarice she's been provided some proper clothing, but please continue to use your discretion about direct physical contact. Yvette will also be getting a temporary journal account to acclimatize her to the culture a little while she's at the school. I'm sure many of you know how stressful being in a new and strange place can be, so please go slow and make her feel at home.

And if at all possible, maybe refrain from mentioning demon attacks or elder gods to her for at least the first two weeks.
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As some of you know, there was a small incident earlier today concerning a patient that has been receiving treatment in the Medlab. Now that things have settled down, we can tell you a little more about her.

The patient's name is Yvette Petrovic, and she is from Kosovo. Last week she was recovered from a bad situation by members of the staff, and only this afternoon regained consciousness. She'll be staying with us for a little while until we get some things figured out. Over the next few days she may tentatively be allowed visitors, but the professor and I would ask that you not overwhelm her; she's been through a lot and she's still trying to get her bearings. If she accepts you as a visitor, please take it slow. She's a little shy, and English is not her first language. Avoiding casual physical contact would be a good rule of thumb, too. Her mutation presents a problem with touch, and it's much safer for everyone if this simply does not become an issue. We are working on that, however.

Thank you. We will keep you informed.


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