Sep. 3rd, 2013 02:53 pm
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Wanted to give everyone the heads up, on this glorious first day of school (I say with an evil cackle, since I'm not in school anymore) that Renee has left us and gone back to California. She'll do powers training and stuff with the West Coast Annex. Sad. Why do people like it there so much? I know it can't be the food, because we have WAY better food here! Is it because of the sunshine? Sunshine is way overrated, people! And it can be BAD for you! People need to stop going to the WCA and stay here with us forever!
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Even though it is the summer vacation, students are still living here and I wanted to let you know that I will no longer be the RA for you. Between school and the X-Men and the Red X program, as well as learning to manage the changes from Genosha, I do not have the time to devote to you as I should.

I have spoken to the Professor and your new RA will be Sharon - some of you know her better as Catseye. Be good to her. :)

And also, if you still want to talk to me about anything, I will always have time for you. Although for the time being, you might have to come find me in the woods, since I am trying not to break too many things getting used to my powers again.
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We have a rather unusual new student at the school today; some of you, I see, have already encountered her. For the moment, she prefers to remain primarily in the form of a purple cat, and while she will answer to the name Sharon Smith, I believe she prefers to be called Catseye.

Catseye will be rooming with Rahne, and I hope you will all make her feel welcome. I believe Dr. McCoy is adapting a vocal interface for her so that she may participate in the journal system, and I hope she will introduce herself when she is able.

And one final note: she has been living as a cat for some time now, and is unused to human customs, clothing among them; while she has agreed to abide by our usual standards of dress, she may need the occasional reminder.


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