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If anyone's looking for Lorna, she's here in the suite with me.

That being said, our door is locked and will remain that way on Lorna's request. She's trying very hard to cope right now and doesn't want to see people at the moment. It's nothing against you guys...she just can't handle it right now.

If you want to try and visit, drop me an e-mail please. I'll ask her but don't count on her granting your request. I'd prefer to do it this way then having to unlock the door to turn people away. This is about making her feel safe and I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure that happens.


Oct. 16th, 2005 09:11 pm
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We're home. Lorna and Forge are in the medlab. Physically, they're mostly unhurt but they'll be isolated until further notice.

Stay out of the medlab. If there's some kind of an emergency, page the doctors and someone will come to you. Security measures are still in place until I say otherwise.
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The team left this morning to go retrieve Lorna and Forge. If all goes well, they should be back within several hours with our missing people. And judging by the files I'm catching up on here in the database - this was so not the weekend to get sick - if all doesn't go well, it won't be for lack of trying and meticulous planning.

Those of us who are still here are monitoring the mansion's own security situation very closely. We do not - I repeat, do not have any reason to believe that all of the happy little green lights on the metaphorical board will not stay green for the rest of the day. But we'd appreciate it if you students kept any need for attention to a minimum. Stay on the grounds, find something to do, and try and relax.

This may all very well be over by tonight. I think we can all hope for that.
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Sometime on Monday, Forge was kidnapped from the Salem Center Mall by Lorna Dane. We have the evidence of a security tape and Kyle's feral senses to suggest that he did not go willingly. The Jeep was abandoned at the scene, and a call from the police to pick it up is why we knew where to look for him.

We do not know why this happened. We do not know what's going on with Lorna, why she would do this. Unfortunately, this increases the likelihood that she was indeed involved in the violent incident that inspired my first keep-your-distance warning. The evidence was inconclusive on that occasion. It is not, this time.

I'm instituting additional security precautions for every student in this school right now. You do not leave mansion grounds without checking out with Lee. You give him an itinerary and an estimated time of return for every trip. You carry your cell phone with the panic button wherever you go, and if there's even a hint of trouble, you push it. Yes, I know this clearly didn't help Forge, but we don't know whether he waited that second too long or not. I would much rather respond to a false alarm than have anyone else kidnapped off the street.

No one is permitted off mansion grounds by themselves. There are no exceptions. I would prefer you to travel in groups of at least three at all times, including at least one staff member or older student.

Essential trips only, for now. School, work, off-campus medical appointments. That sort of thing. Since you'll be telling Lee your itinerary, trust me, he will tell you whether or not it's essential travel.

I know how close many of you are to Lorna, but we cannot afford a strike three here. If you see her, run away. Immediately. Press the panic button as you're running, but do not look back. Don't attempt to talk to her, don't attempt to reason with her. Run.
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Making this sort of announcement is never easy, and the fact that it's ever had to be done more than once is, quite frankly, depressing beyond belief.

To be succinct: if any of you encounter Lorna Dane outside the mansion, you are not to try and engage her in conversation. You are not to approach her. Stay well clear of her and call the emergency number immediately.

We cannot give you specific details, mostly because we don't have them to give. What we do have makes it very clear that we need to take these measures until we sort out what precisely is going on and can help her.


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