Oct. 7th, 2017 11:08 pm
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That power surge we just had? Some sort of magical energy. Billy, Stephen, Megan, I need you at Clea's door asap.

For everyone else - it seems to be localised to Clea's room. No immediate danger, but stay away from the suite for now. Various X-folks, I'll keep you updated.


Jun. 1st, 2017 11:13 am
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Note: Contains politics

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Magic 101

Mar. 11th, 2017 03:53 pm
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I live. And since it's been a while and we've had a few magic-related mishaps recently, I figured it's time for another talk. Tomorrow evening, in the rec room after dinner. There will be a powerpoint presentation on "Don't Touch The Thing."


Feb. 21st, 2017 09:55 am
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Um, so yeah, this is sort of embarrassing. Sorry for the fright we gave you lot - the magic class and I (plus Billy) had a bit of a magical fuck up yesterday and managed to get shrunk down to the size of bugs. As you can see, we managed to fix it, but it took a while and a few adventures to get there.

We're all fine now? Barring the need to eat everything in the kitchen, that is...
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So, in between the end of school and having to chase Topaz down in India, I've missed a couple of weeks. But now I've got my shite sorted, we're back! Tomorrow's lecture is on Magical Dimensions, including a section on internet memes that are actually real. We'll also have a Q&A on Asgard, seeing how we have three recent returnees (and a few less recent ones) who can talk all about the pros and cons of living in a magical realm.
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Thanks to all who came to the talk today - I hope you enjoyed our Guest Speaker, the lovely Ms. Tandy Bowen.

Anyone got any questions they wanted to ask? I know we ran over time and didn't have the chance to do our usual Q&A afterwards.
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With the help of some of the teacherly types, I've gotten together a syllabus for my infamous "How not to meddle with the occult" class. This year, since there's a lot of new faces both with the Gen X program and just generally, we're throwing open the doors to anyone who is interested.

When: Thursdays, starting @6:00 p.m.
Where: The sunroom on the first floor, central wing.
Who: Amanda Sefton, with assistance from Topaz and Megan Gwynn.

Class 1: Introduction, or "Magic: It's not all Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings."

Class 2: Demons, or "Yes, demons are real. Here's how to avoid them."

Class 3: Magical Dimensions, including a section on internet memes that are actually real.

Class 4: Artifacts, or "Don't touch the glowy rock."

Class 5: Magical Rules and Ethics, or "Why we don't pester our magically-adept classmates to raise the dead."

As usual, Gen Xers are required to attend, but if anyone else is interested, say so in the comments. Depending on attendance, there's usually food afterwards. ;)
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Just a quick update while we're collecting ourselves. Yes, something happened in New York today. Yes, it was demon-related. And yes, there were some people you know involved. But, everything's fine now, barring the clean up. The demon's gone, everyone's okay, if a bit worn out and/or beaten up, and the Trenchcoats will have the mansion folks back home soon.

I'll try to answer questions, but it might have to wait until tomorrow when the world's stopped trying to explode my head.
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Normally this would be a confidential report to the Trenchcoats and the X-Men, but since you were all impacted by this, I wanted you to know what happened and what was done to prevent it happening again. If you're mature enough to fight, you're mature enough to be told the truth.

The mansion was invaded by demon's under the control of a character called Belasco. The old-timers might have recognised them - they were the same sort that attacked the mansion last time, back in 2004. Belasco wasn't in control of Limbo any more, but he'd set up his own little mini-dimension with the remnants of his demon army and he's been building up since. To attack us, since he sort of has an old grudge and because mutants are good weapons once you corrupt them enough. So he nabbed a bunch of people with the plan to keep them under lock and key until they were corrupted by the dimension enough for him to use - probably to retake Limbo, but it's not like he told me all his plans. Villains - real villains - never do.

I won't go into details about the bit in the middle, since that's personal to those who were there. Better to cut to the end - a group of X-Men that Scott, Jean and I picked out, based on them never having been possessed or gone evil or had certain personal weaknesses and such, went through a portal Strange and Topaz opened. Billy went too, to keep the portal open from the other side. There was fighting, our people were rescued and Belasco is very definitely dead. The dimension itself is gone too - there was kind of a magical boobytrap activated that undid all the magic that held it together. So, no more demon lord, no more demons (from him, any way) and apart from a couple of people, everyone's home and safe and should be back to their old selves in a day or so.

I will apologise, though, for not being here when things happened. Doc Strange and I will be working on the wards, once my magic's back up to full strength, to avoid something like this again. But from what I'm hearing, people did good defending themselves and their friends. Well done.

Finally, I need some energy donors for a healing spell. Healing factors, super strength, super resilience, that sort of thing. No energy projectors or speedsters, since I'll burn you out too fast. And usually I'd say "no minors", but fuck it, after what you went through, you're all able to make informed decisions. Talk to me and Doc Jean beforehand and we'll decide from there.
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So I'm back in town to do a healing spell on Vanessa because Jean asked me to. I'm going to need volunteers, but before everyone jumps in with an offer, I need to set some things straight about how my healing works and the type of volunteers I need:

1) My type of healing spell uses the energy from other people to work. It's not like giving blood; the people I use tend to be tired and weak for a decent amount of time, depending on their powers and their personal health and stamina.

2) Healings are difficult for me. I don't need the stress of arguing with people about donating. If I tell you 'no', it's not because I'm being picky, it's because I honestly can't use you without hurting you. And I don't care if you don't mind being hurt, I do and Jean doesn't need another patient to look after.

For donors, I'll take people with healing factors first, then the strength/endurance enhanced and then those who are physically fit and healthy, with good immune systems. Jean will be helping with the selection process.

I can't use the following: speedsters, energy projectors, anyone with a heightened metabolism and anyone who has a crappy immune system or is already hurt or sick. I'm also not taking anyone under 18.

I'll need at least six people for this, down in the medlab tomorrow. Make sure you have a big breakfast and a decent night's sleep.


Sep. 18th, 2008 07:45 pm
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Since we've got a few new/old faces and school's just started up again, a reminder about the bus run. It'll be happening this Saturday, as per usual, and if you want a lift into New York, be at the front steps by 9 Saturday morning. If you haven't done the run before, try and get in a bit early so I can explain the security stuff. Everyone has to have their Xavier's cell phone, btw, since we can't microchip you all - no phone, no ride.

And the bus isn't just for the kids - if you're looking for a way into the city that doesn't involve driving yourself or taking the train, you're welcome to come along.

So, who's the lucky X-Man pulling ride along detail this week? *grins*
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Someone will need to cover the bus run - Amanda's been handed a fairly detailed research project where she won't be reachable. More dirt than internet access types of places. If anyone needs to toss her a message, just send it to myself or anyone from Snow Valley and we'll pass it along.

As for the rest of us merry men, we're currently up to our necks in something over here. Not sure how long this is going to take but hopefully we'll be able to wrap it up and go home soon.
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For those who were wondering, the bus run is on for tomorrow. Anyone wanting to go to New York for the day, meet at the front of the school at 9:00 am. If you haven't been on the Magical Mystery Bus before, show up about 15 minutes early so I can explain the security stuff. Including the bit where if you're even five minutes late meeting up at the end of the day, I call in the scary assassin men to fetch you. Ask Laurie about that. ;)

Everyone going, make sure you have your Xavier's phone on you. No phone, no bus. It's the phone or it's Forge implanting microships in everyone to keep tabs on us. ;)

Not sure who the X-Man bodyguard of the day will be - whose turn is it?
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This Saturday looks to be a good sort of day for a bus run into New York. Who's up for it?
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Amanda has returned home. Her recent actions were the result of unknown manipulations to artifically increase her powers, in order to set her up and put her in the position to be used. Fortunately, her friends were able to stop it and reverse the effects without any lasting reprecussion.

If you have any other questions, you will have to contact her outside of office hours to discuss it
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A day late, but you lot wore me out. *grins* Any way, thanks to all the students who came along for the first of the New York outings. No hitches, no hiccups and everyone was back where they were supposed to be when they were supposed to be.

For anyone who didn't come along this time, remember this is a weekly thing. If you want a day out in the city, be on the front steps at nine on Saturday.

So, did everyone have a good time? *grins*
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Hello, all.

First up, before I start, I ought to introduce myself to the newbies. I'm Amanda; I used to be a student at the school up until last year and now I'm working as a research assistant at the Snow Valley Memorial Centre for Mutant Affairs in New York. Yeah, a bit of a mouthful I know - we tend to shorten it to Snow Valley. There's a few Xavier's alumni over here.

Any way, when I was a student there, my 'uncle' Pete Wisdom had this scheme where he would drive a mini-van into New York every Saturday morning, for any of the students who wanted to spend the day in the city. That stopped when he left the school and I always thought it was a shame. Which is why I came up with the idea of starting it up again. I've talked to the security people and the headmasters and we've come up with something that hopefully should give the students the chance the get off-campus without the hassle of buses or lifts or the rest.

Every Saturday at 9:00 am, there will be a mini-van leaving for New York from the front steps of the mansion. For the most part I'll be driving, but if I'm off elsewhere for work, I've arranged for either Angelo or Marie to fill my spot so no-one misses out.

Once in New York, the day is yours. There are a couple of rules though, for security, since kidnapping seems to be the flavour of the month.

1) Everyone has to give the driver (whoever it is) an idea of where they're going and who they're going to be with before they're allowed out of the van;

2) Everyone has to carry their Xavier's cellphones with them at all times and if there's even a hint of a problem, they're to hit the panic button that's installed in every phone. If you don't know where the panic button is, ask Forge to show you.

3) We're not insisting on the buddy system, but where you can, it's better to take a friend with you.

The van will be leaving at 5:00 pm for the return trip back to the school. Anyone who isn't there (or hasn't called in to say they're running late) stands to have various people chasing after them who will be really, really unhappy with you if you've just lost track of the time. And they aren't the sort of people you want to have unhappy at you.

All right, enough of the grr argh and the rest. The first trip will be next Saturday, the 26th of August. So I have an idea of what size van I'm going to need, if you're wanting to join the first epic trek that day, drop a comment here and let me know? Also, if you've got any questions, feel free to ask.

Looking forward to meeting you all next Saturday.
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Since I know a number of students witnessed the incident, it's best to make clear to everyone what we know, which isn't much. Succinctly, Amanda Sefton has left the school via a teleportation spell. Before departing, she assaulted Manuel de Guzeman, who is now in the medlab under the care of the doctors and telepaths.

We don't know where she's gone, or why. We will be attempting to find out. If she gets in contact with any of you, please let the staff know.


Oct. 13th, 2005 11:56 am
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I'm going to keep this brief.

Yesterday Amanda endangered lives via irresponsible power use, involving the draining of life energy of several members of the staff, students and a patient in the infirmary without permission or consultation. She has since made it clear she felt entirely justified in her actions and feels no second thoughts or doubts about what she did and how she did, regardless of the fact that had there not been enough sources for her to drain in the room or had a child been present, a human death might have occurred in return.

This is unacceptable behavior for a student in this school.

As such, she is currently being confined to her rooms. She will not be moving around the mansion without someone from the staff present. There will be no altercations in regards to this matter. Amanda will still be attending her classes until such time as a final decision is made in regards to what happened while the appropriate persons are contacted and an understanding is reached in regards to her situation.

Anyone with questions or wishing to discuss this is asked and encouraged to go see either Scott or Ororo on the matter directly, as headmaster and headmistress of the school. Both will have open office hours today if privacy is preferred.


Feb. 19th, 2005 06:11 am
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I made it, I believe, quite clear that Amanda was forbidden to use her healing magics save at great need, for the sake of her health. Great magic puts a great strain on her body, and could do permanent damage. Apparently, however, I failed to emphasize this enough.

Therefore, I will make myself very clear indeed. Nobody, NOBODY, is to ask Amanda to perform any act of magic for them, for any reason whatsoever. Not a finding spell, not a charm, not the levitation of a pencil. Since clearly concern for her health is not a sufficient deterrent, perhaps the prospect of personal punishment will do the job.

This subject is not open to debate. Nobody is to take this up with Amanda, or in any way make her feel guilty for not being available to be taken advantage of. I trust that this is sufficiently clear to everyone.


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