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I just want everyone to know we've discovered the source of where the visions are coming from. Marie-Ange's powers have been acting up and she's been unaware that these visions were from here or in such a wide spread area.

I'm running her through tests, still, as we speak but right now there still might be things showing up because whatever happened is still running its course.
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Just a quick update for those of you who are actually still around and paying any sort of attention to the journals at this time.

As of today, Remy's been cleared to be healthy enough to leave the MedLab.
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Very little time, clearly, but Moira has, indeed, gone into labor. Charles is now shielding the baby and the medlab, but you should all stay out of the way anyway, obviously.
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The test results came back on Meggan's powers. Between that and what she's told me, I think we now know what her mutant ability is.

Meggan has the ability to synch to other objects. Very much like Ev was able to do with mutant powers but she can do it with, well, everything. I think I heard Henry muttering something about her being a small, walking radio-receiver. Thankfully, she can only attune herself into one thing at a time--there's probably no way for her to be synched up to two objects at once.

The empathy we all know she has is actually a side-effect of this power (meaning she really only has one mutant ability that branches). Emotions are, after all, a basic presence just like everything else.

Her range is rather limited right now. Lack of training and her health have kept it to a minimum, though I highly suspect her range will rapidly start to grow. But, for example, when I gave her some metal to hold, she became denser (Amanda, if you're tired and are carrying her around, make sure she doesn't have any metal on her. Children have a natural ability to become heavier at will, or so it would seem, and this just adds to it.) This is why people have seen her fur change slightly while she's been getting in synch with other objects.

With the exception of emotions, this seems to be a touched based power. And, yes, it seems if she's preparing herself she probably won't be hurt by fire, electricity (I'm sure she gave poor Kurt more than a few gray hairs...) and the like. One at a time, though.


Keep Meggan away from any toxic substances. On par for children, of course, but this is doubly important with regards to her powers. We might also want to keep her away from Jono until we've fixed his current state. I'm not sure what she would do if she came into contact with psycic energy of that kind.

Note to self: Restock lollypops in my office, she went through about 10 of them during this entire process.
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She's left me again. Kidding!

Seriously, she's been helping a friend in town for the last little while with an experiment that's been rather time-intensive, hence the scarce-Scotswoman act. She wanted me to let all of you know that she should have wrapped things up by tomorrow, so if you want or need to talk to her, then would be a good time to come looking.

Although I reserve the right to steal her first. We have wedding plans to discuss... I've gone ahead and made all kinds of arrangements while she's been busy, and she may just decide she needs to kill me. Pray for me, if you're so inclined?
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Sleeping, mostly. Good thing but still, makes me miss what's goin on around here. A few of you have noticed that I've been acting a little differently (or something along those lines. Catseye, thank you for the mice...). Flu symptoms are nasty like that, eh?

Even worse when it turns out to not be flu symptoms.

I expect a little bit of help since I'll be changing my routines. My students will have to be understanding and give me an extra hand. Because, well...

Nathan and I are having a baby.

Oh, look, something's beeping in my office...


Sep. 30th, 2004 07:34 pm
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Oh, you know what's coming. Sadly, I will not be donning a sparkly outfit or hotpants or even tapshoes, but if you ask really, really nicely I might break out a top hat or something. Icon is just for you, chickpea ma'am.

The seventh clue is rather odd
It's something coming from abroad
Where to look, I can't say
But somewhere late this very day
Keep an eye out and you'll see
The very last surprise from me
Barring one, since I forget
You haven't figured it all out yet!
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...that I'm offering this semester. A few of you have expressed interest but then promptly were squished rather flat by the sheer amount of other classes you signed up for.

This class is open whenever you, and I, have time. If you're interested in working on your powers, usually in the training room, but don't have the daily or weekly time, I'd be more than happy to do it once a month with you. My sanity and I would appreciate it if you would pick a reoccuring date, though.

(And as long as I'm going to be the Danger Room, working on powers, those of you who aren't taking classes who wish to work on a few things--feel free to stop by.)

The class isn't graded, though we will go over how you've improved, but it is worth credits.


Jul. 4th, 2004 11:02 am
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For those of you who wish to see fireworks, I'm taking a van and heading into New York around 3 or 4 to find some good seats. (Never been to one of the big bashes of 4th of July, should be interesting considering how you Americans party.)

We'll stop for dinner on the way back.

Who's interested?
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I've decided to host several field trips over the next few weeks, possibly up until school starts up again officially.

So far it's looking like:

New York. Baltimore. Washington, D.C.. The last two will be over-nighters for obvious reasons. The trips will encompass quite a bit. Not only will we be hitting the museums, but there'll be other site seeing tours as well.

The pier and all it's surrounding goodies in Baltimore. The monuments and zoo in D.C. Also, with the other-night trips, there are some clubs for those who'd like to go (but please realize this would be a school-functioned trip. And I'm leading it. Anyone hung over in the morning gets a rousing wake up call from a set of bag pipes.).

Anyone interested? It's open to all students, and staff, and anyone who needs an image inducer will have one signed out to them for the entire trip.

(Also, if anyone is interested in working on their powers this summer, let me know.)
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Ever since the Skippy incident, I know there are people who have been having a hard time with the things they had to do. I understand, I’ve been struggling with it myself.

I’ve been running some experiments these past few days, mainly for Jamie’s sake. I think everyone might be interested to hear some of the things I found out.

Skippy went through a great deal of genetic manipulation. To the point that it actually damaged his genetics. We all saw the results of a dupe falling unconscious or going into shock, not what Jamie’s dupes normally do.

From the way his cells were degrading, it seems that Skippy was dieing. Probably in a year, two at max if he didn’t use his powers too much, Skippy himself would probably have gone through much what his dupes went through. But, well, much slower over a period of time.

For myself, I’m still struggling with what I did but some of this helps, in a way. Skippy and his dupes…weren’t going to live a full and healthy life. In fact, it probably would have been much more painful than anything that happened to him before hand.

The damage is pretty extensive, to the point that had he been captured we would probably not have been able to reverse the damage.

Does it make it ‘right’ what I had to do? I guess that’s for each of us to decide. Does this help ease the fact that I had to do it? Some, yes. Surprisingly.
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If you want to see what your grades are before the report card comes out (final exam and overall score), I have the class list up by my door. Student number so everything is confidential, not to worry.

If there are any questions about how you did, feel free to hunt me down before I leave tonight. I'm finishing a few experiments up and then packing, so I should be fairly easy to locate.
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Hrm. It's 2:40 and Nathan's not back yet. He's shielding the link but it's still there. He did say this afternoon and, knowing Nate, it might stretch until later this evening.

I know he had training sessions with some of you, just push them back (in your mind) until tomorrow just in case he ran into traffic or something. (Nathan + driving = a little scary.)

I'm going to go try and find something to do with my time. Hrmph.
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Amanda is now currently awake. Considering everything, I think we may limit the number of visitor's until tomorrow morning, just to be sure. However, come tomorrow morning, bring on the horde.
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Another shout out for volunteer's.

Dr. Bartlet and Dr. McCoy have just started working on Remy, trying to stablize him and I'm holding down the fort in the MedLab until they're free. Sarah was kind enough to start the coffee pot brewing, so any help I can get will be given coffee (not mine) and just...

Damn it, be careful, there's enough blood on the floor to make things slippery.
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I'm not sure what exactly happened but the MedLab is pretty damned full right now.

I know there are quite a few of you who know enough about medicine and first aid to be incredibly useful to Dr. Bartlet, Dr. McCoy and myself. Any help right now would be greatly appreciated.
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Back from Lichtenstein.

A little worse for wear and yes, I brought someone home with me.

*tired amused grin* And yes, he's always that grumpy, Ali.
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This is from the airport while I'm waiting for my flight.

Apologies to all for my sudden leaving, but I have an rather large emergancy in Lichtenstein I need to see to.

I should be back Sunday evening...possibly with or without someone. I'm not sure.

(And, yes, Lichtenstein.)
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...There is a rock on my desk.

Why is there a rock on my desk?

*peers closer* There are also some rather...interesting marks on this...hrm.

I'm intrigued now.

And armed.

With a rock.

I'm intrigued and armed with a rock.

(My coffee pot broke, I am most put out...but I have a rock.)


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