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Spring break from fashion school begins this weekend! Or more like, free week to work on my final. I love my final project, and I want to keep doing fashion as art. Maybe have a few select clients that I design for. However, I don't think I'll love fashion as a M-F/8-5 career.

Or maybe it's just the stress of graduating (May 17!!) getting to me.
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67 days until spring. I have updated my Wing Warmers design to be lighter and warmer. Unfortunately, they still interfere with flying, but I don't think that can be avoided. 3.1, or "Ibiza" as I'm calling it, releases more quickly if you need to suddenly take off, though.
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If you turn page 3 upside down and let your eyes go all blurry, a puzzle appears. At least, I think it's a puzzle. Maybe it's not supposed to be one, but it's interesting.

I also enjoyed the story about the fashion designer. I wonder if they've ever been into eVolution? I may have met them.

My dream

Sep. 7th, 2015 11:36 am
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I just woke up from a weird dream. I think my subconscious has finally decided that I'm not a kid anymore. But being an adult is terrifying. Also, Lizard People.

Dream behind cut )
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I've recently returned from a trip to the old country with Ms. Amanda Sefton and I FOUND kids to bring back to the school! I guess this is what can happen when you go on a field trip as an adult. They are 15-year-olds Clea Lake, Bas Druid, and Stephen Strange. I feel very certain that their young fates are intertwined with ours. Also, Cata! She is Clea's companion and a sentient being, so please act accordingly.

Two of the teens are magic types and one can shift forms. Why does this sound like a riddle? Well, I just want to give them the chance to introduce themselves and their powers - they'll be arriving on Monday! I know you'll help them feel welcome here after Ms. A and I wore down their guard and convinced them to come.

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Hey all! There's an arts and crafts fair this Sunday in District X. I don't have a stall, but I'm going. Anyone else want to go?



Hey Artie

Sep. 21st, 2014 01:30 pm
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Do you want to get a coffee? I don't mean *get a coffee* but just, like, normal?

Maybe tea?
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"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have." - Maya Angelou, 4/4/1928 - 5/28/2014

She's a hero of the civil rights movement, and to me that includes mutants whether she addressed us or not. And I just love that quote from her, being a fellow creative type. Her words inspire me in many ways.

New Project

Dec. 2nd, 2013 07:54 pm
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I'm about to start something I haven't done before - a full-size acrylic painting. Big. Not on shoes, just regular canvas. I did a whole ton of drawing while I was in Hong Kong and I'm thinking it will be based on some of those fashion sketches. The best part is, I have an excuse to buy more paints!
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I signed up for a fashion trip through The Art Institute of New York City. Long story short, I'm now here with a small group of girls & guys from the fashion program. (I'm not officially enrolled at the school, though, just participating in a bit of cultural exchange. They have scholarships and special programs for mutant artists! How awesome is that?) So, yeah, I'm staying on campus at an art school here. I've got classes in the day, and trips to fashion shows and cultural sites planned, too. It's been really crazy but fun so far. I hope to meet some mutants in Hong Kong - mutant art is one of our topics.



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