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There will be a Memorial Day cookout here tomorrow afternoon! Don't miss it!
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Does anyone have any requests for food and candy this Sunday? I already have plans and bought a bunch of stuff, but I'll be going out tomorrow for the last of what I need and can add things to my list if someone wants something specific.
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Cookout tomorrow! Tons of food for everyone! Kick off the summer before it even starts!

Tuesday is my 21st birthday, and I'll be celebrating all week! It's great to have a summer birthday, even if it isn't really summer yet!

Then Friday is prom, a night full of excitement and dancing and fun! It's sure to be great!

Can you tell how excited I am!?
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Alright, the party of the year is just around the corner! It's this Saturday evening, right when winter break starts here at Xavier's, and what better way to celebrate than attend this year's Winter Ball? I want everything to go great, so if there's anything left to do be sure to let me know now while there's still time to figure things out! We'll be setting up the ballroom on Friday, and anyone who wants to help out is welcome to do so! I hope to see you all there Saturday night!
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cooking is out for me this year, but no worries, an amazing home-cooked thanksgiving dinner will be served here this thursday. who's in? not being able to cook doesn't mean i can't help plan. helpers are always, well, helpful for everything. cooking, peeling stuff, setting the table, anyone can help. also, if anyone has any special requests now's the time to ask. knowing how many people will be staying here and what they want to eat will help amara and me out a lot.
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Winter is coming up and we need a party! It's called the Winter Ball here at Xavier's, and yes there's music and dancing (because what kind of a party would it be without music and dancing?) but you don't have to know how to dance or want to dance or dance to come, you just bring yourself and have fun!

Anyone have an idea for a theme? Otherwise I'll just go with winter. I'd also love to have help planning this thing! And I know people already have plans for the break, so if people can tell me when a good time is, that would be great! Maybe next weekend, not this coming weekend but the one after it, as I think that's when winter officially starts.
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Just reminding people that we have an RA (me), a student counselor, a psychiatrist, and a headmaster on staff for people to talk to if they have problems and concerns and other stuff they need to talk about.
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This is your friendly public service announcement, letting people who haven't already figured it out and reaped the benefits know that there's a ton of food in the mansion kitchen. I should know, I made it all. Doesn't matter if you're a student or a teacher or an X-Man or someone who's just here: EAT! This means YOU!!!


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