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 I've been working a few things for the Mutant Underground that's kept me busy for the last couple of weeks but I should be back by late next week.  If you need anything I'm available by text or email.
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We are now at full capacity at the Medlab. After Bobby Drake was admitted earlier today there are now six patients suffering from whatever is going on. All Medlab staff are focused on tending to the patients' various ailments.

Nevertheless, if you are suffering an actual, life-threatening emergency, we will still admit you. Otherwise, please take other measures for all non life threatening issues and avoid the Medlab where possible.
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I know a lot of you have questions about what happened to Quentin, and you were told some things that, for a little while, were true. Quentin did sacrifice himself, but luckily his demise was only temporary. Because he's telepathic, his mind went to the Astral Plane. Shadow King, the psychic parasite that possessed him was there too. But we found Quentin, and trapped the Shadow King. For now, his consciousness is living in my mind until we can find a way to get him a new body.

I apologize for the delay in telling everyone. I've been out of sorts the past few days. The incident that happened in the lower levels was because the Shadow King possessed me first. I thought I had taken care of him, but he moved on to Quentin without my realizing it.

But I can assure you, the Shadow King is now contained and can no longer hurt anyone. It is important for everyone, staff, students, and others, to know, in case something like this happens again. This is a place of safety, and it can only remain that way if we have some transparency with what happens here. And we know that we have each other's backs, like those who came together to help during this ordeal.

I appreciate everyone's help. If anyone has questions, please let me know.

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Julian Keller has sustained a serious injury and will be in the medical lab for the time being. The medical staff will be occupied with his care for at least a few days. If you need something let us know, however, and we will try to get to you when we have a free moment.

I will give further updates as they're available.


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