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You all know I got fired from Elpis and I've been at more of a loose end than usual.  Well, not anymore.  I was just waiting for all the legal stuff to be dealt with before I could say anything, but the Professor is launching a new organization.  We're calling it X-Corps and it's going to be something like Elpis but not a carbon copy.  Part of the work is going to be program development in and out of the States, which will be helping existing groups and individuals as and when it's requested, as well as doing the admin support for Red X and Helix, and we're also going to be launching some international initiatives of our own when we're a bit more established.  Working with Elpis off the books to start with and then for ourselves.

I'll be running things, but given the organization currently runs to three people, I'll be needing to recruit.  If anyone who wants in has specific things they want to work on, that can probably be arranged.  (And Warren, I'll still be wanting that internship if the offer stands, just... maybe part time or after I graduate?)

So, who's interested?
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Question: if we have this Star Wars night, would people prefer to watch the good old original versions, or mock the ones Lucas messed around with and/or what there is of the new trilogy?
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Who'd be up for a Star Wars night? The original trilogy DVDs are out soon (or possibly are already, not sure) and it's been a while since we had an official mansion movie night.

Anyone interested?
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Angelo's got his eighteenth on this Thursday, and there's sort of a party planned Friday night. Food, (non-alcoholic) drink, music and all the rest of it in the student lounge, starting around eight. Bring yourselves and your sense of fun.
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Angelo and Amanda are on their way home with Pete and Emma as we speak. They ran into some difficulty and we were unable to find them expediently because of magical interference issues. I will keep you updated when I have concrete information to share with all of you.
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I don't remember ever feeling really safe, back in LA. I must have done, once, I guess, but not since I was too little to remember. Just the way things were, and I got into the gang stuff as a way to try and change that - to get myself what counted as respect, and some kind of security, back there.

Didn't work. Yeah, it made me tough, and safer in some ways, but it just made me "not safe" in a whole different way. And then it all went to hell when I manifested. For those who don't know, my best friends in the world damn near killed me for being a mutant before I got away, and then I hid out on the streets and discovered whole new and exciting areas of unsafeness.

And then Scott brought me here. And I found... what felt like the first really safe place of my life.

I don't feel like I have that anymore.

Maybe I'll get it back. I don't know. I hope so, but I don't know if, or when, I can do that. I just... I wish I'd been told what had happened, however small the chance of it happening again was, before I came here and got ties to this place.

When I offered to teach the kids to defend themselves any way I know how, I was mad as hell and I wanted to make the kids feel safer in some way, 'cause this is the one place where they should, and not all of them do. I never said guns, or weapons of any kind, had to be involved.

I'm not mad at you all anymore - or not as mad, anyway, and I'll get over the rest of it soon enough. I'm scared as all hell, and I still want to help the kids feel safer if I can, but I'm willing to talk it over. If you have reasons why I shouldn't that aren't "we're older than you, so we must know best", I'll listen and change the plans 'til they suit everybody - and if that means scrapping them, fine, as long as something's being done. And I think I can trust you that far - I know you care about this place a whole hell of a lot too.

I just want my safe place back, but I'll settle for "safer", if that's all there is.
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Mr Summers says I can give one on one extra self-defense lessons if anybody wants them. So, I guess, if anyone does want to arrange something, just comment here or something.
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Hey. Uh... Since what happened in the mall, I've been thinking about stuff, and I think it would maybe be good to have one on one self-defense sessions, for the people who need it or want some extra help.

If you don't have the numbers in the faculty to do it regularly, I'd help out if you needed me to...
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Anyone know where I can get my hands on a spare sheet? Preferably one old enough that I can shred it...
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Betsy met me, and Angelo, at the door, thankfully. I don't know if I could have gone another minute without getting an idea of what is going on.

We have a new student, Angelo Espinosa. The Professor told me about him while I was away, and I went out to Los Angeles and picked him up. I also see that we have another new student.

And one has returned.

And yes, one is unaccounted for. The Professor is using Cerebro to try to locate her. We will let everyone know more when we know more.


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