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Man, that was a lot of packing. So, because he's up to his glasses wearing eyeballs in boxes, I said I'd do the post thing for him. Julio's granddad's got, I dunno, the big C or diabetus or whatever old people get, and is pretty sick. So the mountain of boxes is Julio heading down there to help out for a while, I guess. Well, somewhere in the boxes is a Julio, last time I looked the pile was taller than he is.

I mean not like he's short or anything because saying Julio is short gets me tased.
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Okay, so somebody remind me that the thing I shouldn't do after sparring with Logan and having my entire ass handed to me in a lunchbag is to help people move their stuff.

Yeah, yeah, I know, it's my job and that's why they pay me. What I'm saying here is that if you're still on the list of people who need their stuff moved, be like, patient because I have about thirty-two thousand bruises.

I dunno who invented Tiger Balm, I think it was some old asian dude about ten thousand years ago, but I don't care if the stuff smells holy CRAP bad, it helps. Do they have a company? Can I like, invest in it? Would that make me money? How does that investing thing work anyway?
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Kyle Gibney is in the infirmary, after an incident in New York today. We don't have details to give you; he hasn't been able to tell us what happened yet, so we're going to have to ask you to bear with us. If any students need to leave mansion grounds tomorrow, let us know and we'll arrange for an escort.

According to Dr. Voght, Kyle should be all right but it will likely take some time, even with his healing factor. At this point he is not up for general visitors. You'll be informed when that changes, or he'll tell you himself when he's released from the infirmary.
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Kyle Gibney will be in the infirmary overnight. He got himself into some difficulty this weekend, and needs a little time to let his healing factor do its work. Doctor Voght assures me he'll be fine, but any visitors should probably hold off until tomorrow.
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We're going to need people in general to keep clear of the infirmary unless you actually have need of medical attention; things are a little busy down there right now, and I'm not sure how long that's going to be the case.

To let you all know what's going on, Forge, Jay, and Kyle were dropped back off here at the mansion a short time ago. They weren't able to tell us much, but they've clearly been attacked - not physically assaulted, but attacked with what had to be someone's mutant power. It's led to some physical alterations that are going to require medical attention and lots of it, until we figure out what precisely happened and what to do about it.

We'll keep you updated as we can. Ororo and I will be available in the morning if anyone needs to talk to us personally about this.
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Hey, can someone who knows their way around the techie geek labs do me a favor and make sure Forge showers or something? He hasn't been in his bed for an entire night, and his stuff's all messed up like he had to go somewhere fast.

If he's fallen asleep at his work bench, I get to wake him up with a wedgie, though.


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