I did it!

Dec. 23rd, 2012 12:41 pm
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I've almost survived my first Christmas season in retail, lol. eVolution has been really busy, which is good. I haven't gotten too into Xmas shopping myself. Today's pretty much the last day to finish up the cards I'm making. I'll try to pass them out in person on Xmas eve. <3
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So I didn't get the job at the animation studio, I don't think. Well, it's been like a month and they haven't offered me an interview so I think that's a "no". But I just got an interview with a clothing design studio that looks promising! It's studio eVolution in District X.

If I get the job, I'll be ringing up sales and maybe modeling some stuff. Maybe I can even sell some of my customized shoes in the shop! 

Well, so, that's exciting. Now I think I'll go have a pudding. :D

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And they have wi-fi. Awesome! Tonight I'll be in Minneapolis, MN and tomorrow I'm going to the first-ever all-mutant music festival! I had only heard of Cats Laughing before, but I looked up the rest of the bands in the lineup online and it seems like it will be a great show. Can't wait!
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So, I went to this really awesome all-girl punk show on Friday night, and through that I learned about Russian feminist punk band Pussy Riot. Then they ended up in the news today for protesting against Vladimir Putin. This happened back in February but the trial starts today. This is so messed up!
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Megan journal thoughts:

Hmm... I'm going to say today is extra lucky. Because the ancient Egyptians thought that the 13th stage of life was related to the afterlife, and that made it lucky. And maybe that's where the black cats connection comes from?

Or today could be extra unlucky, according to Norse mythology. 12 gods were at a banquet at Valhalla one day when Loki, god of mischief, who was not invited, turned up. And that led to chaos and death.

OK so maybe it's a lucky day for everything except party-crashing.

Senior Pics

Jun. 7th, 2012 02:56 pm
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Angel helped me with my hair and took some awesome pics. This is probably my favorite one. More coming soon!

Big ass pic behind the cut! )

Dr. Pixie!

Jan. 24th, 2012 03:05 pm
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Your brain on Psilocybin might be less depressed: http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2012/01/24/145731952/your-brain-on-psilocybin-might-be-less-depressed?ps=cprs

I wonder if I could use my dust to help calm people, and even treat depression? Maybe I'll be a doctor. Or a psychologist. Can mutants get medically licensed to use their powers for healing?
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I finally got all my Christmas shopping done, and that included getting the materials I needed to make things. It's like finals week all over again, trying to finish up these crafts and drawings and stuff. Why did I do this to myself?? Oh well, it's fun, too, though!
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And floors. At least the way this artist does it. I would love to do this to my suite! Or maybe one of the walls in the old boathouse/new workshop would be a better idea.
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OK so it's overcast today, but I'm starting to notice the sky getting brighter earlier and earlier. Today is Gŵyl Fair y Canhwyllau, which is the festival of candles. Its significance is Wales is that on February 2nd, there would finally be enough light in the morning to where candles weren't needed anymore. It's a church festival and stuff, and before that a pagan holiday.

My family didn't go to church or "do" much for Gŵyl Fair y Canhwyllau but maybe you'll still find this interesting!

Oh yeah and according to my school planner it's Groundhog Day. Didn't we already have Squirrel Appreciation Day?
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So we were supposed to get 30 cm of snow yesterday--and we got 48!! Public schools are closed but of course Xavier's isn't--although I think some teachers are cancelling their classes for the day.
Snow is pretty, but I also like watching the mutants with fire powers destroying it >D
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I finally scheduled a flying lesson with Mr. Worthington this week! I'm so excited. Mr. Worthington is like the flying guru!
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I made a collage out of some of the pictures I took in London. OK, I grabbed a couple of (creative commons) shots off the Internet, too, like the wide shot of the pier. There are sooo many good photographers on the Web. I was basically just mucking about with Dad's old manual, as well as the small camera on my phone.
Everywhere I Look
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Everywhere I looked... she wasn't there.

I'm sorry I left to suddenly, but really it was building up for a long time. I sent the letter to Molly in July. No reply, nothing. Then 3 weeks later I get a letter in the mail. My letter, with "return to sender" stamped on the front. It turns out the P.O. box has been closed. Auntie didn't have any more information. So I went to London to find Molly.

I did a little bit of research beforehand and decided to stay at a youth hostel in London. It wasn't scary at all. I shared a suite with some university students at first, and then some kids from Canada. We didn't talk much if we saw each other in the suite, other than to draw up a schedule for washing the dishes. OK, I was pretty leery at first and I was the youngest person there, besides being the only mutant, but after a while it seemed semi-normal. The staff seemed quite keen to keep an eye on me--perhaps Prof. X had spoken to them?

Anyways I spent most of my day out and about. I was pretty sure Molly enrolled at a university in London, but I didn't have any details. I started with UCL since it's a big, reputable school. Of course they wouldn't give me any information at the admissions office. So I basically just starting asking people if they knew my sister. I started with the science buildings, music buildings and the student union. I tried to think of places she would hang out at around campus, like any pubs with Welsh indie rock bands playing. No such luck. So I cast a wider net and started searching other nearby schools. Of course this meant longer hikes from my base on the south bank.

Eventually I moved to another hostel on Oxford Street so I could be more centrally located. I had my own room there but at 18 pounds a night it was more expensive. I started calling hospitals. I thought about calling the police but she's not really a "missing person" is she? Anyways I didn't want to draw more attention to myself than I already was. Of course there's mutants in London too, but there's danger in any city when you can be singled out as travelling alone.

Many nights I lay in bed at the hostel, thinking about how stupid my quest was and thinking I would return to the states in the morning. But the next day, I just didn't want to give up. Finally, I realized my funds were running out and I didn't want to get stuck in London with no way to get home.

Well, I'm back home now. And I slept in until 2 PM!
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...and I've got jet-lag. Ugh.

Sorry for the total lack of communication while I was gone. I was on a quest. I wasn't successful, but I'll post all the details later.

It's good to be home...
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Is that lame to start an entry that way? Oh well.
So I wrote to my Auntie to ask for my sister Molly's address in England so I can send her the letter I worked on. Mr. Wagner helped me figure out what to write. Now I'm really anxious to just send it already before I change my mind.

In some ways, letters are easier than talking to people. You have time to figure out exactly what you want to say. But also... I hate letters. I don't like the idea that all my questions and bad thoughts are put permanently on paper. The person you send a letter to can keep that evidence for their entire life. You can never deny what you admit in a letter.


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