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As Doctor Grey announced yesterday, Marius, Jennie and Kyle have indeed been returned safely to the school. Curently they are still in the infirmary for observation, but we hope to see them released to their own rooms within the day. I am very pleased to be able to say that all three should make a full recovery, although I would urge you all to be aware that they have been through a great deal. They will need additional time - and perhaps at times, space - to complete that recovery.

Those of you who see them once they are released may notice certain physical changes. They may be rather startling, but be reassured that they will fade over the course of the week.

This week has been difficult for all of us, but I must say that being presented with yet more evidence that our students can be relied upon to handle a crisis situation with grace and maturity has indeed made it easier for those members of the staff involved in the search and rescue of our missing students. The care you have shown each other during this stressful time, in particular, was noticed - and deeply appreciated.


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