May. 14th, 2003

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All right. Obviously, we have a situation.

First things first -- in case the Babysitter broke the X-Phone, I'll post here. Sit tight; Red and I are coming to get you all. It'll be about an hour.

Secondly, Sam, Kitty, Piotr, Warren -- seems like you've taken charge. Good. Keep everyone at location #1 until Emma and Betsy show up. Emma and Betsy... get yourselves (and Hank?) to location #1 unless you haven't already.

Thirdly -- has anyone heard anything from the Professor and Scott? I hope they just found out what happened and are lying low, but I'd really like to get confirmation of that.

After we collect the Babysitter and his charges, we'll head to location #1 to make more plans.

Everyone, like always: be careful, stay safe, and take care of each other.

We both love you all.
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One more thing. Someone -- Allison? Warren? -- take a headcount and make up a list of who's at location #1, who's confirmed elsewhere, and who is MIA or hasn't reported in.

W're okay

May. 14th, 2003 11:50 am
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We're safe -- me, my girlfriend, our babysitter and my snoring roommate. The babysitter says we shouldn't say where we are, but that he has one of those X-phone things and could someone call him?


May. 14th, 2003 12:12 pm
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Hacked into the main directory through the dial up, am looking to see what's cutting the com system off...

So far everything looks normal. There's no obviuos signs of any of the attackers having gone through the stystm, but they may have just been better than I am, so there's no guaruntee until Dr. McCoy can look... (And man do I wish I had the root passwords right now...)

I haven't been able to get them online, so I think it may be physical damage or a jammer, but if I find anything I'll let you all know.

And don't worry Storm, the kids are all being really good...

Can we order room service? I'd really rather not have to leave the computer just for food...
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Okay. We have the Babysitter and crew, so they can all take over posting duties, while I let Jean take a break from flying.

There's been another incident. Allie? Warren? Piotr? Not that this needs to be said, but: absolutely no powers. At all. Even in private, unless it's an absolute emergency.

We're all fine, physically. No injuries.


May. 14th, 2003 12:31 pm
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Hmm... wonder if I'm slowing down the system while I'm poking through it. Looks like it tried to eat my first post and didn't quite manage, so ignore the bit about still working on the coms. Rerouted the x-coms an hour ago and called Jean and Storm to let them know...

And don't worry Allison, I saw the sandwich eventually... although yeah, some more food would be good...

Found something weird a couple minutes and thought I'd mention it.

One of the terminals has been taken offline, looks forced. Kinda like they just pulled something out of a wall and didn't even turn it off first. I can't get past the firewalls and locks Hank has put up to figure out what it is but it looks messy.

Next step... hack into the security cameras and see if anybody's still in the Mansion.

Heh. Yeah right. Give me a couple weeks and I might be able to do it, but there's no way I can bust through in a couple days, and by the time I could we could run half a dozen recon missions to do a visual check.


We're Here

May. 14th, 2003 12:59 pm
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I'm going to take the time and make this post for all those concerned for the children at Location #1.

Emma, Hank, and I woke up fairly late this morning and spent quite some time trying to contact the Academy. When the normal means proved fruitless, both Emma and I tapped into other sources.

Our laptops.

The sheer mass of emails stored from last night to this morning sent Emma careening through the halls, out of the hotel, and racing to the children. I've never felt such ferioucness from her, it was overwhelming to say the least. Hank had to help me keep up as we headed for the limo.

When we arrived, Emma blasted through the lobby doors. We found an extremely haggard Warren sitting in the lounge and Allison talking to the concierge with a food order. They both hadn't slept. But, sleep-deprived is better than injured. Allison filled us in on most of the details. And God, there are children still missing.

I've tried to reach the Professor and the others, but they're too far away. I just can't believe all this happened and Emma and I hadn't sense anything.

So, we are here and Ms Frost has taken charge. She's constantly rechecking on all the children here. I hear her, running rampant through the floor, barking orders. I think the staff are alittle terrified of her, and they should be.

She's demanded medical care for [ profile] x_siryn and she's pulled [ profile] x_kitten away from the computer. Kitty won't be able to do much to the damaged comms, than she's already done. And I believe Hank has offered to return to the school. He simply can't find the cause for the disruption without checking the main system and no one knows if Kitty's jury rig will hold out. Already some of the older students have offered to accompany him, but Emma doesn't seem to keen on this idea.

For now, it appears we'll have to wait.


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