Aug. 28th, 2004


Aug. 28th, 2004 11:20 am
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Morning all.

Just to let you know, Scott, Nathan and Haroun are all out of medlab and causing trouble. Haroun's back is still tender - if you see him lifting anything heavy, yell at him for me. Same goes for Nathan and his telekinesis.

Shiro is still asleep, but otherwise he's stable. We'll let you know when he's awake for visitors.

Paul will be with us for a day or two. He's fine, it's just a precuation.

Medlab is also decontaminated now, but we'd prefer it if you didn't all charge down here en masse - we're still busy with the clean up, and you'll just get underfoot.
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For those that have been eagerly awaiting this particular tidbit of much-anticipated and most-welcome news...

Shiro is now awake. Visitation policy is currently at a limited engagement only-- he's still rather worn out, and as such, we don't want to run him too raggedly, of course. Those wishing to visit should contact either myself or the other medlab staff, as we'll be working with a prioritized list, and letting in visitors as he is fit to see them. Please note that this is not first-come-first serve, per se.

I will now be heading upstairs for a sandwich. I will be happy to entertain the early-bird visitation requests for those who are quick to the mark-- AFTER I have completed the first sandwich's consumption and chased it with a tall glass. Prior to that, I'll be shuffling premature and untimely expressions of visitation desires to the end of the list.


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